Online Master’s Programs in Kenya

onlineOnline master’s degree programs are increasingly gaining popularity in Kenya as more professionals seek to pursue management positions in their fields.

A master’s degree is a postgraduate academic grade. This means that it is mandatory for every individual applying for a master’s to have an undergraduate degree.

Pursuing a master’s degree is a demanding endeavor that often requires students to complete a thesis or research paper. This makes it very difficult for employed people to find time to further their education.

But thanks to the growing acceptance of online master’s programs in Kenya, top-ranked universities are now offering online programs to cater for busy professionals who cannot attend traditional classes.

These include: the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Egerton, Moi University and Strathmore.

Since the classes are available online, students are not required to attend traditional classes. Students have the freedom to read during their free time. This makes it possible for busy individuals to study while working on a full-time basis.

Some of the most popular online master’s degree programs in Kenya include Master’s in Project Management, Public Health, Development Studies, Education, Psychology and Social Work.

Online MBA programs are also very popular among professions in business related fields.

Why Pursue Online Master’s Degree?
There are many benefits of pursuing a master’s degree. These include career advancement, high salary potential, many well-paying job opportunities and of course flexible learning options.

1.) Career advancement – A master’s degree is a requirement for management positions in most companies in Kenya.

2.) Higher salary potential – The higher the position you hold the higher the salary you earn. A master’s degree will make you very attractive to many well-paying employers – a very important attribute especially if you are looking to make a big career move.

4.) Flexible learning options – Students are required to study at their convenience, without attending a brick and mortar classrooms. This makes online studies very attractive to busy professionals who want to further their studies without quitting their day jobs.

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